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Discover Local Fruterias in Texas: Your Guide to Summer Refreshments

Experience the Taste of Summer at Local Fruterias in Texas. Our Favorite 5 Local Fruterias in Texas for a Refreshing Summer.

Texas - As summer begins in Texas, it's time to explore the vibrant culture and delightful treats at your local Fruteria. Whether you're in San Antonio, Wylie, Austin, or Dallas, there's a local Fruteria waiting to serve you a refreshing Mangonada or Aqua Fresca. Here are our top picks for local Fruterias in Texas to make your summer truly refreshing.

Ice Ice Baby- San Antonio

Stop by local San Antonio favorite, Ice Ice Baby, on your way to Wonderland of the Americas mall! Known for its creative menu packed with a variety of treats from spicy to sweet, Ice Ice Baby is a family-friendly spot perfect for a hot summer evening out.

📍Address: 2113 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228 📱Phone: (210) 592-6427


Snoopy's- San Antonio

Located near John Jay High School on Marbach, Snoopy's snow cone truck is a local star. Run by a family that treats their customers like their own, Snoopy's offers generous servings at a decent price, making it a great spot to cool down during the hot summer. Don't miss their popular giant mangonadas!

📍Address:8103 Marbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78227


Fruteria Loteria- Wylie

This fun and colorful shop in Wylie, Texas, offers a fresh selection of Palettas and fruit smoothies. With ample space for the whole family, it's the perfect place to take a break from being inside the house all day and recharge for fun summer activities!

📍Address: 104 S Ballard Ave, Wylie, TX 75098


Fruteria Las Mazorcas- Austin

If you're in the Austin area looking for refreshment, this Fruiteria in Austin is known for its Aqua Frescas. These delicious drinks come with a tamarind and chili powder rim for an added kick. Whether you want something with lime or sour and sweet candy, this is the spot for you.

📍Address: 9110 FM812, Austin, TX 78719


Pina Loca Fruteria- Dallas

Looking for a good Hot Cheeto Elite? Pina Loco Fruteria has you covered! With a wide range of sour and savory options, this place also offers homemade chamoy sour candies that you can take home and enjoy later.

Ice Ice Baby, Snoopy's, and Pina Loco Fruteria.

📍Address: 2331 Lakeland Dr, Dallas, TX 75228


Make sure to stop by any of these places to start up your Aqua "Freshca" summer.

Don't miss out on the unique tastes of a hot Texas summer. Visit these local Fruterias and start your Aqua "Freshca" summer right. Share your favorite local Fruteria in the comments and help us all discover something new! Follow Eat Drink Local on Instagram to keep up with all kinds of eats all over Texas!



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