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McIntyre’s Southtown: Swing in for Good Drinks and Good Friends

Southtown McIntyre's has a wide-open bar and patio for a day of rooting for your favorite sports team and lounging with a cold drink in your hand!

San Antonio, TEXAS –January 25, 2023

In the heart of Southtown surrounded by chairs popping with color and the bustling noise of sports fans alike is McIntyre’s Southtown: Spirits and Friends Sports Bar. We got to hang out for drinks and play a few rounds of cornhole and have great conversations in the cool air of a sunny day. Set with the widest bar counter I had ever come across and Television screens mounted on every wall, there was a lot to look up to for this bar business that is situated in the middle of San Antonio’s lively social scene. The owner of McIntyre's Bar and namesake, Chase McIntyre, is the welcoming bar keeper that we had the privilege of getting to briefly know. The McIntyre brothers originated from The Rio Grande Valley and fellow business partners started the bar in Houston until they heard a calling to reconnect with their Alamo city roots. The brothers are both University of Texas at San Antonio alumni with immense love for south-central Texas that urged them set up shop in the Southtown area of our beloved city.

McIntyre's Southtown Patio in San Antonio