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Enjoy the Tastes of Italy at Po Po Trattoria Pizzeria

Are you looking to dine at a classic Italian restaurant in San Antonio? Then Po Po Trattoria Pizzeria is the place to be. With three locations across the San Antonio area and even one in Boerne, this local Italian cuisine is one you don't want to miss.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS- Nov. 11, 2022- With over 40 years in the restaurant industry, owners Gerry and Gennaro Locricchio took off this Italian restaurant in San Antonio. The Locricchio brothers, originally from Naples, Italy, had previously worked in many Italian restaurants.

They opened Po Po Trattoria Pizzeria only one year ago to start their own Italian cuisine. Given their many years of experience and their Italian roots, they believed that they could do it. Since then, they've become a popular Italian staple in the San Antonio community.

Currently, they have three chains across the San Antonio area, one in Huebner, Stone Oak, West Pointe, and even one location in Boerne.

Everything in this restaurant is made from scratch, from the sauce to the pizza. With quality and freshness in mind, they prefer to choose the highest quality ingredients; even their seafood comes daily from local fishmongers.

With so much experience in Italian cuisine, the brothers have come up with some delicious classic Italian dishes, including a wide variety of freshly made new york style pizzas, different kinds of pasta, chicken parmigiana, and more.

"We have something for everyone," says Gerry. With vegetarian and vegan options and even American dishes such as steak, the brothers want to ensure everyone feels welcomed and accommodated when visiting the restaurant.

Their most popular dish, recommended by the owner Gerry himself, is the Branzino, a dish of Mediterranean sea bass sautéed in white wine butter sauce, sautéed vegetables, and pasta. Another popular dish is the "Le Lasagne Della Casa," a meat lasagna made with layers of pasta with Angus ground beef, carrots, onions, mozzarella, bechamel sauce, smothered with marinara sauce, and melted mozzarella.

"My brother and I are very proud of what we do, and we try to be different from the other Italian cuisines...we only want to be the best," says Gerry.

Above all, Gerry says he wants his customers to feel at home in every possible

way. "Our customers are very important to us, and we want them to feel like family; when we open our doors, it's all thanks to the customers that walk in to support us. We want to thank our customers because they helped make our dreams come true."

Visit Po Po Trattoria Pizzeria today to try out some of the best Italian cuisine in San Antonio.

Huebner Road Location:

Contact Huebner Road Location for Catering Services at 210-493-5600

Stone Oak Location:

Contact Stone Oak Location for Catering Services at 210-545-1300

Westpointe Location:

Contact Westpointe Location for Catering Services at 210-684-4900

Boerne Location:

For location hours of operation information, visit the Po Po Trattoria Pizzeria website.

Follow Po Po Trattoria Pizzeria on their Facebook accounts: @PoPoStoneOak @PoPoHuebner @PoPoTrattoria151

Follow Po Po Trattoria Pizzeria on their Instagram accounts: @PoPoTrattoria @PoPoHuebner @PoPoTrattoria151



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