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over 80% of consumers will try something recommended after seeing it online...
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Best Burgers in San Antonio
Best Burgers in San Antonio

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Best Barbecue in San Antonio
Best Barbecue in San Antonio

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Best Mexican Food in San Antonio
Best Mexican Food in San Antonio

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Best Burgers in San Antonio
Best Burgers in San Antonio

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How much does it cost to be featured?

and for larger promotional packages all we ask is for a contribution,
which helps us:

Provide Awards and Grants to Local University Marketing Students
Do Sponsored Ads to help Eat Drink Local Texas Market Your Businesses
Travel Expenses to Your Location
Educational materials for our students to learn with.

How Much Should I Contribute?

If you would like to contribute here are some costs you might expect elsewhere.
Professional Photography could cost over $300 an hour
Video Production could cost over $2500 for a 60-second commercial
Influencer Marketing per post is as much as $1000

We are very thankful for anything you contribute.
It allows us to continue supporting the community! 

Are Y'all Considered Influencers?

The short answer is Yes.
However, with a typical influencer, you can expect a single post on their followers to promote your business.
Those followers are not always local followers, and most likely "bots" or from other countries.
 While the focus is about your business, their social media is self-promoting, about themselves and what they can offer.

Eat Drink Local Texas influences the focus on your business,
by including several high-quality photo and video posts over a period of 30+ days,
using proven marketing techniques and strategies, by marketing professionals with over 30 years of experience,
to engage and encourage our local followers to visit your business.

Over 80% of those followers are in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, El Paso, and the surrounding area.
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