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Exploring the Flavorful History of Labor Street Cafe: A Must-Try Breakfast and Lunch Spot in San Antonio's Lavaca Neighborhood

Labor Street Cafe is a breakfast and lunch spot in the heart of the Lavaca neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas. Along with freshness and in-house ingredients, Labor Street Cafe emphasizes breakfast and lunch plates, offering a place to celebrate the area's history and creating a welcoming environment for the community.

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San Antonio, Texas - Labor Street Cafe differs from the taquerias people are used to seeing in San Antonio. No disrespect to those businesses, but the cafe owners wanted to do something in their neighborhood, which has changed so much over the years. They figured vibrant Lavaca could support and encourage a change to the San Antonio food scene.

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Labor Street Cafe started simply enough by providing good-priced food that the community could embrace. The owners wanted to start a restaurant that serviced an area lacking fresh grab-n-go, non-microwavable food. They brought in Nicholas Longoria, who had been working in fine dining throughout San Antonio, after scouting him out through a mutual connection.

"I came in to essentially turn a stick figure house into an animated 3D picture," Longoria cleverly explained why he chose to join Labor Street Cafe. "Giving it more life -- trying to curate something that is going to provide for the community as well as make them want to keep coming back."

Approximately four months before doors officially opened in November 2023, he, with the owners, planned everything out for the menu, including what would go into making the food.

"Just putting a little bit of extra effort -- taking that 1% of effort that you want to give to a dish -- makes it better," Longoria stated. "Adding in housemade sauces or a little bit more sugar or salt to something makes it better."

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1% truly is all it takes, as evident in how tasty every dish is! The French-style omelets, quiche, biscuits and gravy, portabella sandwiches, and so much more are all done without the use of a fryer or even a microwave! It's the reassurance a patron needs to know everything is fresh and delicate in flavor.

As Labor Street Cafe continues with business, they plan to keep everything the same for the time being before taking suggestions from the neighborhood and changing it to be a perfect fit for Lavaca. They always want to know what they can do to improve and what customers want to see there, writing it all down for safekeeping until it's time to evolve along with the neighborhood.

There's hope in trying to expand in the future, though the main focus of Labor Street Cafe is ensuring the business is providing for the community. If people from other parts of San Antonio stop by, great! What Labor Street Cafe prioritizes, however, is creating a gathering spot where people can savor the tastes of the made-from-scratch food items that compliment Lavaca's rich past and evolving community. It all ties into spreading the love the business sends through its food.

Address: 718 Labor St, San Antonio, TX 78210


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