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Lucky Clover Cafe: Where Generations of Love Meet Coffee

Lisa Mari Alcorta always had a vision of expanding her small coffee corner in her boutiques into something much larger. Her vision has now come to life as Lucky Clover Cafe in Lytle, Texas. For superior coffee lovers with a side of various pastries. The journey had its challenges, but Lisa's unwavering commitment to quality coffee and entrepreneurial spirit have made it all possible.

At Lucky Clover Cafe, quality coffee is the cornerstone of the business. From the beginning, Lisa and alongside her daughter has prioritized sourcing the best coffee beans and perfecting her brewing techniques. The cafe's cold brew, for instance, is sourced from Culture Cafe- a woman owned roastery known for its personable service and excellent communication in giving one another ideas to help grow each other's companies. This collaboration embodies Lisa's philosophy of women supporting women. Additionally, the cafe features Happy Bean Coffee's Guatemalan roast and house roast favorite, "Cafe Soledad", an organic medium roast Colombian named in honor of Lisa's grandmother. You can buy abundant of items from teas to specialty drinks in-store or on their website to enjoy at home.

A typical Day at Lucky Clover Cafe is opening the doors at 7 a.m., with Lisa and her team arriving early to prep and get supplies ready. They ensure that the pastries are fresh, the machinery is in top condition, and the coffee beans are perfectly roasted. Every day brings new faces into the cafe, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment where customers are more than just consumers- they become close-knit friends.

Lisa's advice to anyone aspiring to open their coffee shop is simple yet heartfelt: "Worry more about what you will serve, never worry about the menu or money. Worry about the quality" This philosophy has guided her through the challenges of establishing and growing Lucky Clover Cafe at the starting point and it continues to be the driving behind their success.

Lucky Clover Cafe is not just a coffee shop; it's a dream that became a reality, a community built, and a woman-empowered testament to the passion and perseverance that's been existing for the past three years. Lisa Marie Alcorta's journey serves as an inspiration to anyone with a vision, proving that dedication and a commitment to quality, anything is possible.

Address: 15056 Main Street

Lytle, TX 78052(210) 540-1273

Phone: (210) 540-1273

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