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How Sunshine House Coffee Creates a Positive Impact in the Community Through Kindness and Coffee

Sunshine House Coffee co-owner, Kelly Hines, shared the history of the business and the commitment to providing a safe space for healing through various therapies and modalities, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing health and wellness. Hines expressed hope for expanding operations while continuing to serve the community with love and support.

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Jourdanton, Texas - Sunshine House Coffee is a platform in the community where everybody is served a good cup of coffee. The place is so much more than that, however! The owners make it their responsibility to make the day for those who come to the shop by showing them kindness, helping them be seen and heard, and ensuring their day is changed for the better.

It all started when Kelly Hines and her business partner, Audrey McCleary, met at a Bible Study during which they got to know each other by sharing their dreams. McCleary's dream involved honoring her children's legacy by opening a coffee shop in their town since there weren't any at the time. Meanwhile, Hines had always wanted to provide the community a place to come together to learn about health and wellness, provide practitioner-grade, high-quality supplements, and heal from anything and everything that troubles them. The two felt a need to collaborate when it came to making their dreams a reality and after finding a good-looking property in Jourdanton, Texas, the rest was history!

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"[McCleary] has been able to honor the legacy of her children in this place," Hines said when discussing the good Sunshine House Coffee has done for them. "I honestly feel honored to be able to come alongside her in that journey. It's been a godsend- so much bigger than serving coffee to someone or teaching them how to be healthy."

The menu items haven't been forgotten, though, due to providing plenty for the mind, body, and soul.

"A lot of options for lattes," Hines claimed when she began listing everything. "[One] of our most popular [is] the Sunshine House Signature Latte, which is made with local honey. We like anything local!"

Not only does everything contain local ingredients, but are also made in-house with those ingredients being as fresh as they come.

"We have amazing sandwiches that are handcrafted," Hines explained proudly. "Our teas are all handshaken. Everything we try to do in-house. [That] is important to us. We're a little bit extra [with] everything we do."

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They most certainly are since Sunshine House Coffee has a little bit of everything for everyone, from organic smoothie bowls that work as a healthy option for the community, sweet little treats like homemade cookies and scones, savory egg bites, to drip coffee for those who prefer simpler things while enjoying the atmosphere. It all ties into being somewhere to sit, feel safe and loved, seen and heard, all while having healthy options.

On the subject of health, Sunshine House Coffee has begun to expand more in the health and wellness department by not only having superfoods and supplements for sale but also including a space for a Pilates studio, an infrared sauna, and massages. It all goes back to incorporating a place where those needing to heal can be offered different therapies and modalities.

"So that paired with [the coffee house] provides such a symmetry," Hines stated, explaining how this would all fit together. "We have the coffee shop, and then you can walk over to work out; be in tune with your body and heal from things that so many of us have experienced and need to heal from."

For the most part, dreams have led to Sunshine House Coffee where they've been fulfilled. The next steps will be continuing to grow with other locations that will keep the owners' goals for the business in mind, which is offering a safe spot and providing the community with support, love, and new fun things on the menu!

Address: 1752 TX-97, Jourdanton, TX 78026


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