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"Unforgettable Valentine's Day 2024 at 1Watson Rooftop: Craft Cocktails and Southwestern Cuisine on the San Antonio Riverwalk"

1Watson Rooftop- located on the roof of the AC Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk - has a rich history that goes back to the 1800s. Nowadays it's a great place to enjoy craft cocktails and Southwestern cuisine. Valentine's Day 2024 was no exception, especially with choices of fabulous drinks to share with your loved one!

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San Antonio, Texas - 1Watson Rooftop features Southwestern cuisine and craft cocktail recipes a patron can enjoy while admiring lovely views of the San Antonio Riverwalk, the Downtown Plaza, and the Cathedral. The restaurant's goals include keeping the energy it's had since the 1800s when it first became an epicenter of revelry and excitement. One of the ways to accomplish this is through the food and drink selections that include items with Texas-inspired ingredients. Valentine's Day 2024 was the perfect example of showcasing it as patrons could try one of the craft cocktails celebrating the most romantic day of the year in Texas!

red drink with raspberry

1Watson Rooftop had drinks that included a Margarita with a twist called "I Love Latinas," made with tequila, agave, and lime and topped with Ginger beer. The concoction is then garnished with dehydrated lime and looks all kinds of pretty, thanks to the hibiscus syrup giving it an alluring pink look.

For a more exciting start to Valentine's Day, the best recommendation was the Raspberry Romance. It was made especially for the occasion, with it featuring gin, Chambord, lime, and cranberry juice. It was best to pace yourself with this one unless you were really looking to let loose! (But, seriously though, drink responsibly)

Finally, there was the Passionate Kiss - a smoother drink for those who preferred to keep their romance classy and low-key. It was a fruity cocktail that was slightly sweet as it blended vodka and passion fruit liqueur before mixing in syrup and lime and topping everything off with prosecco and a cherry.

assorment of drinks with appetizers

Even though Valentine's Day has passed, 1Watson Rooftop is still a classy establishment. Located in San Antonio's AC Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk, situated on the 15th floor of the hotel, 1Watson Rooftop brings back the energy of the past to the venue by having patrons enjoy a variety of craft beer, wine, and spirits from different Texan areas all year-round.

Address: 111 Soledad St, San Antonio, TX 78205


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