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Benjie's Munch - New American Comfort With A Focus On Variety

Benjamin De Los Santos, chef, and owner of Benjie's Munch, discusses his business, which involves New American comfort food cooked in a melting pot of flavors and results in multiple delicious menu items.

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San Antonio, Texas - Benjamin De Los Santos (aka Chef Benjie) has been growing his restaurant, Benjie's Munch, since 2015. Although there were some issues during COVID-19, things have been going well ever since. Whether it's through the food truck that specializes in catering special events (and frequently gets booked up quickly) or the restaurant itself, Benjie's Munch offers many kinds of cuisine. The menu is updated regularly, with new items featuring seasonal produce that brings comfort food from all around the world to the table.

half a toasted sandwich

"We're New American comfort food," Chef Benjie said when asked how he'd describe his dishes. "I consider American food as food from everywhere. There's just a lot of different flavors. We've done Cuban, Italian, German, Spanish, and Cajun. It's all cooked in a melting pot of flavors."

Every Benjie's Munch dish comes with the finest ingredients. Chef Benjie ensures that the food he creates has one-of-a-kind flavors and perfect textures as he aims to make food that everyone will remember fondly.

"I want to make sure [the food is] right for everyone," Chef Benjie explained. "I have a specific diet and can only eat a small amount of food. When I do eat, it has to be good. I don't want to waste my time eating stuff that's just okay. So, I tried to bring that same thought process to the restaurant. If we're gonna make something, it needs to be good."

cheeseburger with asparagus

People certainly recognize when a chef pays that much attention to what they're giving to their customers. It's what keeps people coming back and has the establishment gain recognition. That's certainly the case here, as some of the standout dishes Benjie's Munch offers have resulted in a few accolades.

"We won the Barbacoa & Big Red Festival in 2016 with our Cocoa Barbacoa Taco. It got first place, and 2018 it got second place," Chef Benjie claimed when discussing these award-winning menu items. "The Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese is one of our other popular dishes. That one won the Grilled Cheese Festival every single year."

Benjie's Munch has grown in business and success in various ways, including being in several publications that praise the establishment's sandwiches and burgers and being nominated to be in the top five in San Antonio for Best Burger and Best Food Truck.

"It's beyond me that we can be so loved by people," said Chef Benjie. "To be in the top five in the city is a big deal. So we appreciate that and the support."

Benjie's Munch has grown significantly in a literal sense, too, since the restaurant recently relocated into a larger space that allows people to enter without queuing up for tables due to multiple seating areas and is a more comfortable environment. Not to mention also making it so kids can have fun decorating the hallway with artwork, making Benjie's Munch more family-friendly.

It's safe to say that the future looks bright for Benjie's Munch. When considering what can be next for them, there have been discussions of potential expansion to South San Antonio and Austin. The latter would definitely be able to appreciate how the establishment can highlight unique flavors.

"There's a lot of things that make us unique, so we'll see how it goes. You never know what's next."

Address: 1218 W Bitters Rd APT 107, San Antonio, TX 78216

Phone: (210) 556-8624


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