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Revolutionary Wings - Bringing Forth Unique Chicken Wing Flavors To San Antonio

Although most wouldn't think of wings as upscale cuisine, Revolutionary Wings comes close to such an experience, with each unique dish made with the finest ingredients.

San Antonio, Texas - Revolutionary Wings started as a food truck run by two skilled and creative chefs with a combined 40+ years of experience running successful restaurants with scratch-made dishes and catering services. The restaurant offers unique signature wings, including Flamin' Hot Cheeto Wings (jumbo wings coated in a tangy buffalo lime sauce and hot Cheetos), PB&J Wings (an extraordinary blend of peanut butter powder and a creamy Chipotle raspberry sauce), and Grilled Chimichurri Wings (authentic Argentinian Chimichurri with red chilis, garlic, and herb).

"We offer all the normal flavors and styles. We're going to accommodate all those flavors." Co-owner Josh Paprocki explained to Eat Drink Local Texas the restaurant's offering. "But we have a signature wing section that sets us completely apart. We're doing more culinary-driven wings. On top of that, [we] have burgers and chicken sandwiches. We are a full-service menu restaurant with an emphasis."

When he moved to San Antonio, Paprocki missed his childhood home in Buffalo, New York, where the origin of buffalo wings can be traced. He decided that he had to create his own authentic take on the dish.

"It was tough to find good chicken. Everyone's got decent wings, but I was missing traditional buffalo wings made the right way with the right sauces. So, being a chef, I knew I could do it. Not only did I know what I was looking for, but I could execute it. Then we also wanted to bring that gourmet [into the mix]. You know, we had to bring this gourmet way to it. Get fun with it - be chefs."

The inspiration behind the wings came from an interesting source. A food item that was just as versatile as chicken and became the muse Paprocki needed to create different flavors.

"What can we do to separate us from everyone else?" He once wondered. "The chicken wing, in essence, is a potato chip since it's a very good base to put anything you want. People want the traditional but get blown away by the signatures. If you notice, Frito Lay is going crazy with its flavors. They're taking food items and putting them on a potato chip, so that's when we figured we're going to take awesome flavors and put them on a chicken. And they work!"

table with various trays of buffalo wings, french fries, and banana pudding

Back in 2016, Revolutionary Wings was nothing more than a food truck that trailblazed going to luxury apartments. There would be good turnouts with lines across the building it was parked at. Thanks to all the effort placed into marketing, the business was more than convenient parking somewhere and hoping people show up. It all went so well that the transition to catering was almost no problem, especially since it was more up their alley and more financially beneficial.

Then an opportunity came up with some friends getting rid of their restaurant. Believe it or not, Revolutionary Wings, the restaurant, was born 24 hours later.

"They were an older couple," Paprocki described the friends who offered him the place. "The restaurant was tough. So this was a quick decision - overnight. They closed on Thursday, we came in on Thursday, and we had a grand opening on Friday. It was a fast turnaround, but we were able to do that because of the experience, and the company was established early on."

Paprocki revealed that Revolutionary Wings has an arsenal of secret signature flavors that they haven't released yet, but will be sharing with customers in the future, including signature wings that started in the food truck and haven't made their debut in the restaurant yet.

A plate of a BLT sandwich with a cup of chips

The experience of dining at Revolutionary Wings is its own. No matter how a patron decides to indulge, they'll leave with an impression that will change the way wings are perceived in San Antonio.

Address: 427 E Ramsey Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216

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