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Grunt's Grill - A Food Truck Business With A Family-Owned Grill

Regina and George Vega run a food truck in Atascosa County called Grunt's Grill, which offers Sirloin Steak Cheesesteaks and other great locally sourced menu items that come with a personal touch.

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Poteet, Texas - Like many people, the couple was not working much during COVID. The result was a decision to make plates friends, and potential customers, would enjoy.

"So then, from making plates, we decided after a couple of months to start our own food truck," Regina explained when recalling Grunt's Grill's origins. "We started our food truck - with both of our parents helping financially - and we've been running Grunt's Grill ever since."

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Since opening, the owners have enjoyed listening to and talking to their customers and getting feedback. The feedback they take especially to heart is one another's, though, so much so that that feedback will lead to new menu items such as peanut butter and jelly-filled burgers and dishes with homemade salsa.

"One thing with us is we are family-owned," Regina explained. "We take each other's opinions and try to get it into the truck. I'm a big peanut butter and jelly lover, so I throw peanut butter and jelly on our Patty melts. My son [Dominic] is throwing Hot Cheetos and Doritos on everything. [George] is very much into spicy foods, so he makes his own salsa, and we throw all that on our food."

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Another feature of Grunt's Grill that they take pride in is the fact that the food is all local. They only use crisp ingredients, and thanks to businesses like Granzin's Market, they cook with fresh meat and produce to avoid using anything processed. The best items to try and discover those delicious, home-cooked flavors are the ones that include the family's favorite items, such as the Fiesta Smash - a burger that consists of a single patty filled with salsa - and the Son of a Grunt, which includes a Thin-Sliced Steak, Jack Cheese, and Hot Cheetos.

As they continue to grow their food truck business, they hope it'll one day lead to opening a brick-and-mortar that will help them share their love for food with more people. For now, they're content with where they're at as they try to get people to check out their food, taste it, and fall in love.

Address: 55 Meadows Rd, Poteet, TX 78065


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