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Assemble Cocktail- Double, double toil and DIY Cocktails at No Trouble

Looking for things to do in Boerne? Try brewing a spiked potion with your coven at Assemble Cocktail!

BOERNE - The winner of the Best Date Night Activity of 2022, Assemble Cocktail, is here with their interactive cocktails just in time for the fall season!

Be your own bartender with your significant other or friends and family, and “Do It Yourself” as owner, Lillian Oler, leads the clan in making the “Fiery Enchantess” and “Full Moon Rising” cocktails.

Expect warm bourbon drinks as we dip closer to cooler temperatures this fall, topped off with a foamy finish. Light up your evening with The Fiery Enchantess made of a spicy daiquiri with Bacardi or any other white rum, fresh lime juice, Ancho Reyes Verde of Poblano, and agave syrup.

The spiced flavor ingredient added to this cocktail will surprise you, so hold on to your apron!

Additionally, the Full Moon Rising cocktail will bring depth and complexity to your evening, made with blood orange cordial, bourbon, lemon juice, cinnamon, and peach bitters. Oler takes pride and joy in hosting and engaging with her guests at Assemble Cocktail.

“Making drinks is really only about a quarter of what we do here,” Oler said. “It’s about

bringing people together, and that’s my favorite part about this.”

Open your heart and mind to the possibilities when you visit Assemble workshop.

The festivities go on for Oler this coming holiday season as she’s been experimenting with pomegranate flavors and egg white foam. She is currently working on bourbon and cigar pairings to go with the fall date night themes to spice up the night even more.

If bourbon is not your go-to drink of the night, there is always the beer, gin, and tequila option. Oler’s drive and imagination is endless, so come by and immerse yourself in a fun night of drinks in Boerne!

Workshops are available by appointment only.

Follow them on Instagram: @assemblecocktail



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