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Bad Wolf Ghost Tours: A Chat with Wolf Holt Unveils The Spooky Side of San Antonio Before Dinner

Prior to sitting down for our Haunted Dinner Tour, Eat Drink Local Texas first sat down with the founder of the tour company Bad Wolf Ghost Tours to discuss the history of the Emily Morgan Hotel and how the unique dinner experience he offers brings forth San Antonio's haunted history for guests to hear inside the beautiful establishment.

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San Antonio, Texas - Bad Wolf Ghost Tours provides various ways to allow guests to explore the city's haunted history. However, if you're looking for a more authentic experience, their Haunted Dinner at the Emily Morgan is a must-visit. This tour allows guests to enjoy a full meal and hear stories about the hauntings occurring inside the historic hotel as well as other spirit-filled areas in Downtown San Antonio.

the emily morgan hotel

Joshua "Wolf" Holt - the founder of Bad Wolf Ghost Tours - knew the hotel was the perfect setting for his Haunted Dinner.

"First of all, this [was] USA Today's third most haunted hotel in the world. Also, this is the Official Hotel of the Alamo," he explained when he began talking about what made Emily Morgan stand out.

Other reasons included its long history, which involves its first establishment as a medical facility, and how it served as part of the Battle of the Alamo, where 200 Texan defenders and up to 1600 Mexican soldiers lost their lives.

"To boil it down to one reason why this building is so haunted - it has to be just its history," Holt stated. "It's like when you ask why New Orleans is so haunted, and you learn its history."

Along with a chilling history comes a creepy atmosphere, and this tour has that in strides when the attendees sit down in the hotel's library to enjoy their 3-course meal. As the lights dim and the candles light up, they can feel like they're gathered around a campfire or at a sleepover, sharing scary stories. Holt knew that was the vibe he wanted when he created this format for this tour, especially after being inspired by another touring company.

"I was not the first to develop this format," he said. "There was another company that sadly, after COVID, isn't doing it anymore. For two and a half years, after restrictions were lifted, they still hadn't brought it back. I've been waiting to fill that gap for a long time. It's something I knew I could do very well, and I just wanted to step up."

Stepped up, he did! With the help of other guides, Holt has managed to showcase history through ghost stories set in San Antonio. Others have shared personal experiences with him to find answers for strange situations they were in that could be deemed paranormal.

a framed vintage photo of the Alamo standing between two lit prayer candles

"We will get a call, and they'll say they had something happen to them in their hotel room," Holt said as he reflected on those who reached out to him. "Of course, you have to go and do some investigating, but if your bed is jumping on its own, then I'd say yeah, that's probably paranormal!"

However, there was an encounter involving someone on a tour that has been sticking with Holt, especially since he hasn't dealt with something like it in about ten years.

"There was one instance where we talked about a ghost - a real malevolent spirit. Halfway through, a person was like, 'OW!' and I thought maybe her husband had accidentally stepped on her toe or something. But she lifted her shorts and had scratch marks on her leg."

Holt must've noticed the visible reaction this story gave since afterward, he assured that encounters like this are rare on his tour.

"Normally, if people have an experience on tour, it'll be in their camera phones, they'll see something, or feel a really uncomfortable chill. A lot of the time, your hair will just freeze on your arm. You don't need all the fancy equipment. You'll get goosebumps if something is going on."

Address: 507 E Houston St Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78205

Service options: Online appointments · Onsite services


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