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Eating and Drinking Healthy Has Never Tasted So Sweet

Hidden away in a small neighborhood strip mall in northeast San Antonio lies a hidden gem. A newcomer on the San Antonio healthy food scene, is here in force, and here to stay.

Opened in August of 2020, Bahia Bowls has been serving up fresh, local food with a 100% commitment to health.

Gone are the meats, cheeses and added sugars that characterize most restaurant food—instead, they have been succeeded by fresh greens, whole grains and fresh, antioxidant-laden acai berry bowls. Bahia’s commitment to quick, yet still healthy and well-made food is evident everywhere: from the intense, delightful flavor of their protein bites to the sweet, nutritious notes that brighten up their smoothies.

The owner, Craig Clark was inspired to create this restaurant after noticing the sheer joy that sprang up on his mother’s face when she served her food. Witnessing a need for accessible healthy fare in San Antonio, he and his wife created the restaurant to bring healthy food to local lives.

Their efforts soon paid off. Clark related a story in which a husband and wife came in for food. The husband was seemingly against eating healthy, protesting to his wife that he wanted the standard American fare of pizza, meat and beer. As he tasted his food, his expression changed to delight. The couple now are regulars, with the husband in particular always excited to try something new.

If you’re looking for a healthy food in San Antonio to go, Bahia Bowls is a jewel worth your eye—and taste buds.



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