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Slice By Slice, These Are Our Favorite Places to Grab a Slice of Pizza in Central Texas

As you may or may not already know, February 9th is national Pizza Day. I already celebrate the existence of pizza about once a week, but maybe you’ve been holding back for this day in particular. If you do choose to partake in a slice or 5 on the 9th, here are some of my favorite pizza places in San Antonio, TX, to consider:

Braza Brava Pizzeria – San Antonio TX, Broadway St

This place is authentic AF, making their Napoletana style pizzas in a wood-fired pizza oven built in Italy by world renowned craftsman Stefano Ferrara. They use special dough flour for a thin but fluffy crust, and only use fresh ingredients. Besides the delicious pizza, I’m in love with their red beet and arugula salad. Maybe it’s my iron deficiency.


Mia Marco’s World-wide pizza champs. Like, 3 times!! Even beating teams from Italy and New York! The Johnny Boy, the Hotta Soppressata, and Da Cheese are the winners, and obviously they’re all amazing. My favorite is the Hotta Soppressata, because I like spicy.


Sophia’s Pizzeria Artisan New York style pizza with delicious wings and pastas. If you can’t decide between the pizza and the wings, try the Buffalo Chicken Pizza – it’s the best of both worlds. Sophia’s is great for an outing with the family because they have a family meals menu!


Pizza Classics – San Antonio TX, North St. Mary’s

Some solid, no frills, classic pizza — as the name implies. Pizza Classics is a family owned business in downtown San Antonio. Whether you’re with your kids looking for lunch, or just stumbled off the strip with your friends, you’re going to find what you’re looking for. A veggie pizza is always my go-to, but you really can’t skip the pepperoni pizza rolls, especially after a late friday night swimming at some random apartment complex pool with your cousin.

Home Slice Pizza – Austin TX, South Congress + Multiple Locations

If you do find yourself in the Music Capital, take a walk down South Congress and try Home Slice. The iconic restaurant serves up New York style pizza by the slice or by the pie. Customize to your preferences or order one of their specialties, like the Eggplant Pie (pretty much eggplant parmesan in pizza form. Yes.). They have salads and subs to choose from as well, and of course beer and wine for dine in. My oldest sister used to take me here when I would visit her in Austin, we’d always get pepperoni, mushroom, and bell peppers. Good stuff.

Pizza Italia – San Antonio TX, Thousand Oaks

A great place for beer, wings, and pizza. With over 200 different beers to choose from, as well as vegetarian and gluten free options, they’ve got something for just about everybody. Opened in 1987 and still owned by the same family, Pizza Italia is well practiced in pizza making and good times. If you’re a pizza-dipped-in-ranch person like I am, get excited, cause their ranch is homemade and amazing.

Via 313 – Austin TX, Multiple Locations

When you’re looking for something a bit different pizza-wise, you will not be disappointed by Via. They serve amazingly thick, soft, cheesy, crunchy, saucy, rectangular Detroit-style pizza with a variety of fresh toppings. My personal fav is the Detroit-style with natural casing pepperoni and arugula on top. Don’t forget the red pepper flakes.

South Flo Pizza at HEB - Multiple Locations

If you are a broke college student with a food service job and an unpaid internship like me, do not overlook The H-E-B. South Flo is a to-go pizza restaurant located inside a select few H-E-B’s. They have large pizzas for $10 with unlimited toppings, and they’re made to order, so you can do your grocery shopping while you’re waiting. You may be reluctant, but I promise you this pizza is as good as any restaurant pizza you’re going to get, especially at that price. Now this is where you’re going to really judge me: I get double pepperoni pizza with mushrooms, red pepper flakes, and honey.



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