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16 best taco places in San Antonio and its surrounding areas

Where do you get the best tacos in Texas? Texas is filled with taco places, but finding the best ones can be challenging, given the endless options. The Eat Drink Local Texas team has been to multiple taco places in San Antonio and its surrounding areas, and we decided to rank the 16 best taco places in Texas that we have visited.

Whatever area you live in, this list can be a helpful guide on where to get the best tacos in San Antonio, Austin, and the other regions of Texas.

1. Ray's Drive Inn

Ray's Drive Inn is a family-friendly drive-through serving various delicious tacos, enchiladas, burgers, and hot dogs.

Visit this taco place at 822 SW 19th St, San Antonio, TX 78207, to try some of the best tacos in San Antonio.

Ray's is home to the original puffy taco and is a San Antonio classic.

2. Benjie's Munch

What started with a local food truck became a popular brick-and-mortar restaurant in San Antonio. Open since 2015, this local taco place is owned and operated by Chef Benjie, who enjoys creating unique flavors and textures with locally sourced ingredients.

When you go, try their award-winning Cocoa Barbacoa Taco, which includes flavorful barbacoa, onions, avocado, and cilantro.

Stop by this local taco place at 1218 W Bitters Rd APT 107, San Antonio, TX 78216.

3. Gringo's Tacos

Located in Spring Branch, Texas, this taco place offers tasty and fresh tacos of various sorts, including grilled shrimp, Baja fish, and cheesy carnitas.

Their menu also consists of different food items, like nachos, tasty rice bowls, and stuffed burritos.

4. El Sueño De Lola

What originated with a little girl's dream named Lola became a local taco truck specializing in diverse, flavorful tacos assembled with freshly made corn tortillas.

Since 2020, this local taco truck has dedicated its business to serving clean, fresh, and delicious products at a low price.

5. Rosa's Kitchen

Rosa's Kitchen has been a local favorite for many and makes some of the best tacos in San Antonio. Their taco options include beef, chicken, shrimp, Asada, and carnitas.

Visit this Mexican cuisine at 402 Steves Ave, San Antonio, TX 78204.

6. Gabriela’s Downtown

Gabriela's Downtown is where you can get the best tacos in Austin, Texas. One of Austin, Texas' best Mexican restaurants, Gabriela's Downtown, has various delicious food options and a great atmosphere.

When you go, we recommend you try their famous Birria tacos. Be sure to stop by for $6 eats and drinks during their happy hour.

Visit Gabriela's Downtown at 900 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702.

7. Luna's BBQ

A family-owned and operated BBQ place, Luna's BBQ serves delicious BBQ tacos in the San Antonio area.

8. Naco Mexican

Visit Nano Mexican to try out customizable tacos fit for your taste buds. Customize their taco items by adding a keto crust, avocado, cheese, eggs, and more.

If you're in the mood for breakfast, their menu also includes various breakfast items, like breakfast tacos and omelets.

9. Tacos Losoya's Express

When you go, we recommend you try their tasty barbacoa mini tacos. Their menu also includes quesadillas, breakfast burritos, and tortas.

10. Tacos La Norteñita

Another San Antonio food truck favorite serving some of the best tacos in San Antonio is Tacos La Norteñita. Visitors of this location recommend the Gringa tacos.

Check out their Instagram @tacoslanortenita for the latest posts about their location.

11. Tlahco Mexican Kitchen

Since 2019, this restaurant has been offering a variety of authentic Mexican breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Enjoy authentic tacos filled with delicious Mexican flavors in a family-friendly open-seating dining area.

12. El Rafa's Cafe

El Rafa's Cafe is another authentic Mexican joint with various taco options under $4. Some popular favorites include bean and cheese, Carne Guisada, and potato and egg tacos.

13. Grumpy's Mexican Cafe

For over 20 years, this family restaurant has served locals delicious Mexican food. Their menu consists of puffy taco plates, taco salads, and a wide variety of breakfast tacos.

We recommend you try their Migas breakfast tacos for a delicious mix of egg, potato, corn tortilla, onions, ham, bell peppers, tomato, ranchero sauce, and cheese.

14. Vaquero Taquero

This taco joint makes some of the best tacos in Austin, Texas, including delicious breakfast and street-style tacos.

Their specialty includes the Taco al Pastor, which is made by carving flame-seared pork off a Trompo, wrapping it in a warm handmade tortilla, and topping it off with roasted pineapple cilantro, onion, salsa, and avocado crema.

15. The Haven Southtown

The Haven Southtown legacy started 50 years ago when Jerry and Elida Torres opened the establishment with only four tables and a dream.

The restaurant is now a staple in the San Antonio Southtown area. The family-owned restaurant serves a variety of breakfast and lunch tacos and many other Mexican entrees.

16. Taco Taco Cafe

Taco Taco Cafe serves some of the freshest and best tacos in San Antonio.

We recommend you try their award-winning Taco Taco El Norteno, which consists of your choice of beef or chicken fajita served in a flour tortilla with a blend of beans, cheese, and avocado slices.



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