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A taste of Chicago – in the Alamo City!

Chicagoans Dr. Krystal Cross and her cousin Jonathan love Chi-Town so much, they brought it to San Antonio in July of 2021. A Chicago Bite serves the best of The Windy City to San Antonians with yummy Chicago-style hot dogs, fried to perfection catfish, and wings to gyro salads!

Visiting A Chicago Bite makes you forget you’re in South Texas in the best way possible. The restaurant embraces Chicago culture with the city’s colors and Chicago Bulls memorabilia all around.

“I wanted people who aren’t from Chicago to get a feel of the city and for those who are from Chicago to get a feel for home,” Dr. Cross said.

The menu has so much variety that it’s hard to choose what to order! In the mood for pizza? Try the pizza puff – deep-fried pizza dough with all the best toppings inside.

If you’re looking for something else, order the delicious Italian beef, the flavorful chicken on pita, or a delectable cheeseburger!

Just when you think A Chicago Bite can’t bring more to the table, they do. Make sure to order a dessert such as their unbelievable banana pudding, delightful peach cobbler, or their unique and tasty taffy apple grapes.

“You know how you have a taffy apple?” Dr. Cross said. “Instead of an apple, which is so hard to eat, it’s a grape!”

A Chicago Bite is truly authentic. The restaurant takes the time to order some ingredients directly from The Windy City such as lemonade, hot dogs, and poppy seed buns!

In addition to an awesome atmosphere and food, A Chicago Bite hosts events too – including poetry and comedy shows.

Dr. Cross wants everyone who comes into A Chicago Bite to feel at home.

“When I'm here, I engage with every table,” Dr. Cross said. “I make sure everyone is comfortable and is enjoying their experience from the moment that they order to the moment that they leave.”



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