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Savoring Europe in the Heart of Texas: Discovering French & Italian Flavors at Cibolo Creek Vineyard

Embark on a captivating journey through the rich flavors of Italy and France, right in the heart of Texas. At Cibolo Creek Vineyard, the Old World meets the Lone Star State in a symphony of taste. This article takes you on a tour of this unique vineyard, where the essence of European viticulture thrives amidst the rustic charm of Bulverde, Texas. Prepare to be enchanted by the blend of continental elegance and Texan hospitality.

Sofia's Pizzeria

Bulverde, Texas- Immerse yourself in the unique charm of Bulverde, Texas, with a visit to Cibolo Creek Vineyards This local gem is a must-visit destination for both wine aficionados and animal enthusiasts. Experience the joy of savoring exquisite local wines, all while delighting in the sight of Alpacas freely wandering through the vineyard. Truly, a visit to Cibolo Creek Vineyards is an essential part of the Bulverde experience.

Cibolo Creek Vineyards in Bulverde, Texas

In the heart of Bulverde, Texas, Angelica Wilson has transformed a former welding company and turned it into a charming vineyard, Cibolo Creek Vineyards. She has combined the beauty she had seen from her previous trips to Italy and France and created a unique business that beautifully blends European elegance with Texan charm.

Flat Bread Pizza at Cibolo Creek Vineyards in Bulverde, Texas

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or not, don’t worry! Cibolo Creek Vineyards has something for everyone. Angelica is always expanding her menu, offering a wide range of food and drink options. The vineyard is a welcoming space for all, inviting guests to enjoy the ambiance, the alpacas, and the delicious food.

Angelica emphasizes, “We have something for everybody! We have food, beer, non-alcoholic wines, and sodas for allowed-in minors.”

The staff at the vineyard also encourages newcomers and adults new to wine, to not be intimidated by the selection. You can test your taste buds out and the staff will help guide you to your perfect glass. This establishment treats its customers like family and wants everyone to enjoy their experience as much as possible.

Charcutier Board at Cibolo Creek Vineyards in Bulverde, Texas

“That's one of the things that I think makes us different. We all bring our personalities to the table. We think that's something you won't necessarily get in a bar down the street. It's a good time and everyone that works here is amazing.” Angelica adds.

After spending an evening with the alpacas and tasting the exquisite wines, if you find yourself falling in love with the place, you can join the wine club. Members enjoy exclusive perks like access to a members-only area where they can select and try wines once a month. They also get exclusive wine sets that are sometimes not even on the menu.

If you ever find yourself in Bulverde, Texas, make sure to stop by Cibolo Creek Vineyards. Enjoy live music, savor rich wines, and meet the alpacas for a true Hill Country adventure! Don't forget to leave a comment and share your experience at this quaint and cozy winery. And who knows? You might even make friends with an alpaca!

Address: 29675 Bulverde Ln, Bulverde, TX 78163

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