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Cocktail Crafthaus Co. - The Art of Mixology

Picasso had paint and Michelangelo had marble. Rod Renfro has mixers, liquors, and bitters. The art of mixology is on full display at Cocktail Crafthaus Co.

San Antonio, Texas. February 21, 2023- A quaint and welcoming building, Cocktail Crafthaus Co. offers individuals the chance to take the mystery out of their favorite drinks and learn how to concoct them on their own. An experienced private bartender and Owner, Rod Renfro, brings great expertise and energy to the room. The inspiration for his company came from his own time as a private bartender, and his habit of making drinks for his friends for years. He developed a love for the art of mixology over time and knew that was his real passion. With plenty of dedication and hard work, he was able to start Cocktail Crafthaus Co. and launch his dreams into reality.

He began our session by asking us what we liked to drink. After a variety of answers, we decided on making a Tequila Sour. He began by setting up our ingredients, tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, egg whites, and bitters. He took us through the process of adding each piece to our tumbler, explaining the methods we were using in detail. We followed closely along and ended up with beautifully finished tequila sours all around. He took us through the art of mixology, rather than just simply making a drink. We left knowing more about what goes into making a cocktail from start to finish, and the way a drink is crafted with care and precision.

In talking about how to construct the perfect cocktail he really focused on the balance necessary between ingredients. You can’t have too much sour or too much sweet, but you also can’t have too little of either. The taste of the alcohol should be balanced with the other ingredients, creating a cocktail with great flavor. This balance transferred over into the rest of his work as he spoke about how he started his business. He had to find the right balance between location, building, and fit for his new company, and he succeeded. The vibe of Cocktail Crafthaus Co. is one you want to stay and hang out in for a long time. Rod’s obvious love and passion for his job can be seen in every corner of his business, all curated to make your experience the best it can be.

After an evening at Cocktail Crafthaus Co., you leave feeling excited and accomplished, ready to wow your friends with your new mixology skills. If you are looking for a fun, enjoyable, and welcoming experience, Cocktail Crafthaus Co. has it all in store for you. I can not recommend this experience more highly to the San Antonio area!

Address: 26610 US-281 Ste 100, San Antonio, TX 78260 Phone: (830) 438-6655



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