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Cocktail Crafthaus Co. - The Art of Mixology

Picasso had paint and Michelangelo had marble. Rod Renfro has mixers, liquors, and bitters. The art of mixology is on full display at Cocktail Crafthaus Co.

San Antonio, Texas. February 21, 2023- A quaint and welcoming building, Cocktail Crafthaus Co. offers individuals the chance to take the mystery out of their favorite drinks and learn how to concoct them on their own. An experienced private bartender and Owner, Rod Renfro, brings great expertise and energy to the room. The inspiration for his company came from his own time as a private bartender, and his habit of making drinks for his friends for years. He developed a love for the art of mixology over time and knew that was his real passion. With plenty of dedication and hard work, he was able to start Cocktail Crafthaus Co. and launch his dreams into reality.