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Comfort Cafe: A San Antonio Haven Where Food and Recovery Meet

Discover the unique dining experience at Comfort Cafe, where delicious meals are served on a "pay what you can" basis, and the proceeds help support addiction recovery programs.

SAN ANTONIO - Being welcomed into Comfort Cafe is to be welcomed into a home. Full of love, joy, and honesty, Comfort Cafe is much more than a simple restaurant. It serves as a support system and a light to many who are lost. Partnered with SerenityStar Recovery, they are not only focused on providing the best care for their employees but also making sure they have long-term hope and goals to get them through their own battles with addiction. This is not merely a restaurant but a safe haven. SerenityStar provides a safe, sober, and spiritual healing environment for families to recover from their addictions.

Sweet Cream pancakes from Comfort Cafe in San Antonio