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From Classic Favorites to Modern Mashups a Place Where Everyone Can Come Together

Conroy's is a family-friendly local restaurant in San Antonio with various Irish-meets-Texan dishes. They've got everyone covered with classic favorites, like homemade meatloaf and mashed potatoes, as well as modern mashups, like the carne asada queso fries. The mastermind behind the place is former traveling chef Garry Skinner. He's on a mission to create a place where friends, family, or anyone can come in and enjoy whatever cuisine they are craving and feel comfortable in the company of others. Whether it's for a beer with your coworkers or a slice of pizza with your kids, you'll feel like you belong at Conroy's.

One of their highlights is their weekend brunch, featuring out-of-the-box dishes like the Chicken and Waffles "Eggs Benedict Style" or their amazing French Toast that will have you coming back every Sunday. Still, on the sweet side, they have an attention-grabbing dessert called the Bambino Huey, something like a warm sugar cookie not entirely cooked all the way, with mounds of whipped cream on top. San Antonio Express even wrote a piece on the gooey masterpiece.

When I went to Conroy's, a favorite of mine was their Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, which is much more than it sounds. The shrimps are panned seared to form nice golden brown edges, tucked in with peppers and cheese in their bacon blanket. It all comes together in a decadent butter garlic sauce that might force you to lick the plate. I also tried that aforementioned Bambino Huey, and I promise the hype is deserved. The Orange Chicken is a classic, done right, served beside wonderfully flavorful fried rice. Lastly, I tried their Mango Martini from the bar, and I definitely left satisfied.

If you're looking for amazing Tex-Mex food in San Antonio, be sure to visit Conroy's. When you do, tell them that Eat Drink Local Texas sent y'all!


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