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Get Blown Away with Delicious Coffee Creations and Refresher

Bright, happy, and inviting. These are words that describe a friendly local drink truck known as The Drink Tank. If you like coffee with a spin or are looking for a new place to try some flavorful and fruity drinks, The Drink Tank is the place for you. They are sure to leave you feeling content and impressed by their mixes.

So, what can one expect to see when they go to The Drink Tank? First, their coffee blends are really rich in flavor and are locally sourced. They also have variety in their menu, changing up some of the brews for the season. A popular choice for the fall is the Pumpkin Spice Coffee, but don’t be mistaken. The Drink Tank knows how to brew a better and more flavorful cup of pumpkin spice like no other business. Their coffee tastes amazing, and it has been described as sweet, some with an aroma of cinnamon, and invigorating. On top of this, they also have plant-based drinks and all-natural, all keto drinks to include all customers and leave them satisfied.

What if you’re not a coffee person? Well, head on over to try one of their refreshers instead! One of the most popular items on their menu is the Strawberry Lavender Energy Blaster. It’s a refresher and an energy drink, but, The Drink Tank boasts that the energy it gives you is like no other. Instead of the typical high rush, one can expect from commercial drinks, their refreshers give a low buzz so as not to overwhelm you while still giving you a small boost for the day. They taste so refreshing, cool, very fruity, and not overly sweet, it’s a perfect choice for a typically hot Texas day.

Kathleen Palm, the owner of The Drink Tank, prides herself in not just the imaginative coffee brews and splendid refreshers, but also her kind, amazing baristas. Something unique at The Drink Tank is that they post videos of themselves making the drinks, all to Instagram. It’s all thanks to the baristas who share their work and like to give their customers a closer look at what they do so that they know that their drinks are quality made. On top of making sure that the drinks are always perfect, the baristas do their best to guarantee excellent customer service so that The Drink Tank always feels like a friendly and casual place to go to.

The Drink Tank started when Kathleen moved to Texas and realized that there was not any coffee stands in Texas. Back in her home state of Washington, she says that “Coffee is everywhere”, and felt that she could bring a little piece of her home with her. She is grateful that she has local support from San Antonio brewers, and proudly tells us that her coffee is locally sourced. When asked what her favorite part of operating The Drink Tank was, she said that greeting and serving the customers was a full experience that brought her joy. For Kathleen, The Drink Tank is a dream come true, but better than she ever could have imagined.

Next time you need a coffee, something refreshing, and want to support your local businesses, try this local coffee place in San Antonio. They will not disappoint you, and if you’re still not convinced, then head on over and try them for yourself for an outstanding drink, complete with outstanding service.

10555 Shaenfield Rd, San Antonio, TX 78254

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