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Since 1933, This San Antonio Favorite is Still Going Strong with Classic Recipes and Newly Inspired

Are you looking for local restaurants in San Antonio? Known for its delicious and crisp fried chicken, this legendary San Antonio local food joint has been around longer than many of its current patrons have been alive.

Founded in 1933 by Earl Abel himself, a legendary composer at the birth of Hollywood, Earl Abel’s has withstood the Depression, multiple moves, and now, a pandemic—and came out stronger each time.

In addition to its legendarily mouth-watering fried chicken, this restaurant is notoriously famous for its sinfully delicious pies. The banana cream pie is their top seller, and it shows: the pie is perfectly baked, with the sweet, fresh bananas contrasting perfectly with the denseness of the cream.

The restaurant excels in ambiance. Tucked in the back of the main restaurant is the patio, a sweet and intimate spot nestled in the heart of the city. Shaded with trees and lit by twinkling lights, it provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Even the cracked cobblestones lend their own charm to the establishment; you truly feel the history embedded in this place.

Current owner Danny Badiola says that one of his favorite parts about the restaurant he runs is witnessing the stories. During an interview, he spoke about young couples coming in for prom night, families filing in after catching a late movie, and grandparents taking their grandchildren to the restaurant they had so loved in their youth. When asked about his future for the restaurant, he expressed a desire for it to serve San Antonio for many more years—and given the quality of its food, that goal is easily within reach.

If you live in the area and are looking to explore new local restaurants in San Antonio, be sure to visit Earl Abel for some delicious local food.. and when you do, tell them Eat Drink Local Texas sent y’all.



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