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Come Experience Esperanza Winery

Esperanza Winery has brought the City of Blanco a unique touch to the community, being the first of its kind. Come have a glass of wine and enjoy a great book with some soothing music that has a coffee shop feel to it.

BLANCO, TEXAS- Nov. 17, 2022 - Esperanza Winery isn't hard to miss as it is symbolized by a raven off of Blanco's main street. With the raven symbolizing Judith Raven's family name, Esperanza Winery is always welcoming new faces to indulge in the wine from their estate that grows 2,300 vines. The current varietals growing are Sauvignon Blanc, Tempranillo, Tannat, and Viognier.

wine in blanco tx

Growing grapes since March 2013, Judith Raven personally started making her own wine in 2014. The spark all came about from monthly gatherings with friends and having different counties assigned to each girlfriend, and bringing wine from that country to the potluck.

The experience that awaits you at Esperanza Winery is very chill and unwinding. This is a place where you can come with your friends and just relax while being introduced to some good wine. While there, you can also sign up for the wine club membership and receive perks as a member. Having mixers for the members as they gather their shipments is a great way Esperanza Winery gathers the community together to get to mingle and know one another.

Hosting on market days on the third Saturday at the local Courthouse Square has been something that Esperanza Winery has taken part in. With opportunities of exploring other festivals that they have been invited to in Texas. Grateful for the amount of interest Esperanza Winery has received from customers and the community, keeping the comfy small-town atmosphere is something Raven would like to implant in Esperanza Winery.

"It's about family," Raven said.

Looking to the future, Esperanza Winery has plans to have their tasting room out by the vineyard on their ranch; ground has been broken, along with bathrooms being built and outdoor space. Look forward to March 2023 as Esperanza Winery will be celebrating its anniversary with some live music and nice scenery.

Visit Esperanza Winery and become an extended family at this dog-friendly and kid-friendly winery located at 115 Main St, Blanco, TX 78606. Their winery hours are listed as Sunday & Thursday, 11 am-6 pm, and Friday & Saturday, 11 am-6 pm.

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