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Serve With Love, Fattboy Burgers and Dogs

Fattboy Burgers and Dogs establishment has served the Northwest side of San Antonio for 15 years. Size matters when ordering from Fattboy Burgers and Dogs with choices like FattChick and a few sides like Super SlimmFries to Fattshrooms.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - Sept. 29, 2022, Frank Torrez wants to be sure when you think of a burger joint, and he comes to mind with names like the FattBoy and FattDog. Being in the media isn't new to Torrez San Antonio Express News gained Fattboy Burgers and Hotdogs some of its popularity. You will find outdoor seating with picnic tables to enjoy an outdoor family friendly atmosphere.

At Fattboy Burgers and Dogs you will be in disbelief not just by its size but with every bite. There are many items to select from offering items on their menu, like the Fattchick, which is available grilled or crispy on Texas toast. The chicken breast is marinated overnight in a blend that is called Fattboy Love, a seasoning produced locally at Bolner's Fiesta Products. This seasoning is used for their flour batter and burgers as well.

Since he was a child, he was in the kitchen while his cousins were outside playing; he was cooking with his Abuelita (grandma), who taught him about cooking with love; she has always been his inspiration. Torrez is an alumni of Lee High School. He is grateful to bring something back to his childhood community and the support that he has received.

If you don't put love in your food, you're not going to have good food," Torrez said.

Aside from the burgers Fattboy Burgers and Dogs also have some of the most delicious hotdogs that will have your mouth watering. You have your choice of a SlimmDog that has a seven-inch Hebrew national that is it is butterflied and grilled to perfection on both sides. Unless you came with a deserving appetite, try their nine-inch FattDog made with Kiolbassa Sausage and dressed to your liking. With a side of their FattFries and crafted ranch to dip them in, these two are a match made in heaven.

Fattboy Burgers and Dogs has plans on soon serving ice cream as well as opening more location, so there could be one opening near you. Be sure to ask for extra love

on your order.

Visit this family friendly burger joint in San Antonio at 2345 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78213 Fattboy Burgers, and Dogs is open Tuesday-Sunday, 11 am-10 pm.

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