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Wake Up on the Sunny Side at this Floresville Restaurant

Rise-N-Shine with Sunny Side Up Café a local Floresville restaurant where you can enjoy stacks of pancakes and hash.

FLORESVILLE - Right in the heart of Floresville is the Sunny Side Up Café owned and operated by T.Y. Guevara, who also owns a barn next door to the café that functions as a drive-thru bar.

With three years in business, this hospitable and friendly Floresville restaurant has become a town favorite for the early birds of Floresville.

We had a chat with the head chef of Sunny Side Up Café, Cecilia Cruz, about the café's humble beginnings.

"We put a lot of love and attention to our food, and we want people to know we care about what they want when they come by," Cruz said.

Burgers, Philly's, and country music to your heart and stomach's content are what you hear and smell when you walk into this All-American breakfast and brunch joint.

They have the works of sweet and savory when you order the Peaches and Cream Pancakes and the Philly Hash. Add jalapeños or Cholula sauce to your hash for an extra kick to wake you up with your hot cup of joe!

The DIY Burger is where you have all the range to get what you want on your burger. Whether you're feeling experimental or simple with your patty, The Sunny Side Up Café has you set for a fulfilling lunch!

Expect Biscuits and Gravy and Chicken Fried Steak on the brunch menu coming up soon.



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