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Enjoy Good Times and Burgers at Good Burger Co.

What started as a food truck in the San Antonio area became a local staple serving quality burgers in Blanco, Texas. Good Burger Co. is a prime example of the importance of supporting a local community, as they do so with great food, good vibes, and excellent customer service.

BLANCO, TEXAS- Oct. 21, 2022 - Mark Slubar, a former Texan born and raised in Delaware, Texas, and the Good Burger Co. owner, wants to ensure that his restaurant serves his community and customers through great vibes and high-quality food.

Good Burger Co. made its mark when Slubar relocated to Blanco, Texas, and quickly became popular through word-of-mouth.

Originally a food truck in San Antonio, Slubar moved to Hill Country and then Blanco, Texas, where he became fond of the local community. To him, serving the people of his community and helping others are most important.