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The Crafts of Grazing With Steph

Grazing with Steph brings your ideas to life through her art of creating charcuterie boxes, boards, tables, and char "cuties." They are well thought out and crafted to the request of the customer. Stephanie Sanchez makes it a point to present carefully curated fresh produce, deli, and cheese in each one of her designs.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - Oct. 14, 2022, What was just a hobby for the holiday season turned into word of mouth from friends to a full-time business for Stephanie "Steph" Sanchez. Being in the communications field and a teacher Sanchez was in touch with her creativity. She was inspired by the feedback she received, so she took on advertising Grazing With Steph, using her communications background to get her brand off the ground.

Grazing With Steph has been around since the beginning of the year, and Sanchez has managed to be a part of celebrations through her creations. Recently, she created a going away charcuterie box for a client's friend who was leaving for New York and could incorporate New York city life into her box. At Grazing With Steph, you can find many different themes, from Halloween to Teacher Appreciation, Dia de Los Muertos, and many more.

With so many options to add to your board Grazing With Steph offers even a brunch box that is not limited to waffles, yogurt, mini pancakes, and much more. If you are a fruit fan or know someone who is, why not order a watermelon cake that is sculpted from a watermelon and accented with a variety of other fruit that is uniquely shaped to add spunk?

Collaborating with other vendors, such as cookie makers and clay earring creators, are ways she keeps her boxes spontaneous and gets other vendors in the community out there. Offering boards and boxes for all ages, kids are very much intrigued with her char "cuties."

"I like going out and meeting people," said Sanchez.

Pop-up markets are a few of her ways to reach out to the community. Currently, she is taking on three pop-ups a month. She is also in the process of creating a website. Contacting Grazing With Steph on Facebook or Instagram through direct message can be the best secure, and sufficient way to place orders for your next event or special occasion.

Taking much pride in her creations, Sanchez has goals for the future of Grazing with Steph, with customer appreciation and many other things that can expand her brand. She is grateful for the journey she has embarked on, the support, and the many referrals and feedback she receives.

Follow Grazing With Steph on Instagram: @grazingwithsteph

Follow Grazing With Steph on Facebook: @grazingwithsteph



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