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Try Out Authentic Thai Food In San Antonio At Kin Khao Thai

Authentic and tasty Thai food is often hard to come by, especially in San Antonio. Still, Kin Khao Thai, a local Thai food stand located in the Pearl, has done an excellent job serving authentic Thai meals not seen in many traditional Thai places in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS- Nov. 30, 2022 - Owners Candace Roddam and her husband Aekkasit Roddam, a Thailand native, started the Thai joint over a year and a half ago with dreams of bringing authentic Thai food to the city of San Antonio. The two met in Thailand when Candace was pursuing her teaching career, which prompted the start of their journey. Their emphasis on Thailand's authentic tastes is what makes the restaurant so successful. "We both have a love for Thai food, and we brought all our favorite things back with us and put it on the menu," says Candace.

Kin Khao Thai