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Take your Taste Buds on a Galactic Journey with MAAR's Pizza and More

Are you ready for a gastronomic adventure that's truly out of this world? Look no further than MAAR's Pizza and More, where every bite is a voyage to another planet of flavor.

San Antonio, Texas - February 20, 2023 - This Martian-themed restaurant derives from the Lujan family's initials: their mother Martha, their daughters Ashley and Allison, and their father Rene.

"The S is the son-in-laws", jokes Rene Lujan, MAAR'S co-owner.

12 years ago the family made the tough decision to leave their jobs and open the restaurant.

Once the family realized their acronym had unintentionally related to the Red planet. They decided to go with the space theme. Inside you'll find various extraterrestrials around the interior and even an astronomical mural of the family.

Since 2011 this cosmic family-owned restaurant has been offering local favorites such as the Area 51, the Galaxy Supreme, and my personal favorite Heaven's Brisket.

Speaking of heavenly, the Heaven’s Brisket Pizza is a long-time customer favorite, with smoked brisket, homemade BBQ sauce topped with cheddar, and mozzarella served with a side of pickles.

“When we first opened up I was probably doing 8 brisket every 2 to 2 ½ weeks and now I’m doing close to 30. Sometimes I tell my wife, who’s the idiot who started this thing? She’ll get a mirror and bring it out saying here's the idiot. Now it's become a main thing. The people love that brisket pizza”, said Rene.

MAAR’S is always thinking of new galactic creations to bring their customers an out-of-this-world experience. Recently the family has been thinking of introducing some dessert and drink options to its menu. So don’t forget to take off to MAAR’S Pizza and More for interstellar time. Who knows they might just abduct your heart.



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