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Mi Corazon International: A Taste of Cuba in the Heart of San Antonio

Discover the authentic taste of Cuba at Mi Corazon International in San Antonio, Texas. Experience mouth-watering Cuban dishes that reflect the passion and love of their owner.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - a city known for its rich cultural diversity, is home to Mi Corazon International, a Cuban food truck that has quickly become a beloved staple in the local food scene. This culinary gem offers a unique opportunity to discover the authentic taste of Cuba right in the heart of San Antonio.

Carlos Espino, the passionate owner of Mi Corazon, which translates to "my heart" in Spanish, believes that each bite of his food is a reflection of his heart and love for his culture. His mouth-watering dishes have been wowing both locals and visitors alike, making Mi Corazon a must-visit when in San Antonio.