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Try out this Award-Winning Distillery in Blanco- Milam & Greene Whiskey Brewery

An award-winning and female-owned distillery has its doors open for a tasting of its famous whiskey in Blanco.

BLANCO, TEXAS- Oct. 20, 2022 - Be welcomed by the aromas of barley, rye, and wheat and all the makings of passion and dedication-infused whiskey. Delve into the history and science of Texas and Kentucky bourbon whiskey straight from the Master Blenders themselves. The tasting room's rustic ambiance and the firsthand look of a bigger-than-life distillery room truly bring together the feeling of tradition and close family ties!

If straight whiskey is not your forte, they also have spirits and cocktails for a lounge about the tasting room. Do not be intimidated by brown liquor as they are always kind and hospitable to introduce you to the complex etiquette of bourbon tasting.

Milam and greene whiskey