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Nadler’s Bakery & Deli: Legacy and Generational Love for Pastries and Cakes

Love of pastries passed down through four generations is still going strong at this iconic San Antonio bakery and deli.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS- Nov. 11, 2022 - A family-owned and operated business that stretches to four generations in San Antonio has been providing quality and homestyle baked goods since 1963. Full of love and determination for quality baked sweets, Hans B. Nadler, a European-trained pastry chef, had passed down his gift to his family to continue the legacy of the future of the bakery industry. Alexia Nadler Mendez, Operating Manager, Wedding Cake Consultant, and daughter of Hans, is passionate about continuing her father’s pastry empire to its timeless, sweet glory.

Nadlers Bakery

“Everything we’re doing today, my dad did 63 years ago,” Mendez said. “The apple strudels, the Louisiana’s and the Hungarians, all of those we’ve been doing from the get-go.”

This bakery has deep roots in Swedish and European styles of baking and has since been Americanized to feel homier and familiar to its loyal consumers that have been coming to the shop for generations. Alexia and her family still stay true to their roots and always seek to honor her father’s original and unique baked goods. Anything you can think of in terms of pastries, they can most definitely bring it to you on a silver platter. Be it a French pastry like the éclair or the Italian pastry, the cannoli; you’ll be floating on Cloud 9 in pastry heaven. They also offer a wonderful breakfast and sandwich menu to pair with the savory sweetness that is unique to the Nadler experience.

Nadlers Bakery

San Antonio’s oldest bakery wishes to continue serving the city with its best pastries and catering, as well as wedding cakes! A free one-hour consultation with Alexia will have your surmountable wedding cake dreams come true.

You can book an appointment on their website,

And check out their Instagram, @nadlersbakery.

Nadler’s Bakery and Deli is located at 1621 Babcock Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78229

Contact them at 210-340-1021.

Nadlers Bakery Hours:

Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday Closed



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