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Indulge In Traditional Mexican Drinks With A Modern Twist

Traditional Mexican Drinks With A Modern Twist

SAN ANTONIO- Having been a finalist in H-E-B's 2021 "Quest for Texan Best" competition, Olla Express Cafe is a San Antonio coffee shop with so much to offer. With its delicious morning brews and a cozy building located inside scenic Los Patios, you won't want to miss stopping by this Cafe!

At Olla Express, the menu has a selection of unique traditional Mexican drinks available. From regular items packed with flavor such as the Cafe de olla Valentina (Coffee with cinnamon, clove, ginger, orange, and piloncillo) to secret menu items like the delectable La Malinche (2oz espresso shot, 1oz piloncillo syrup, 1oz half n half,) Olla Express has drinks of all tastes to enjoy.

"Showcasing coffee with distinctly Mexican ingredients in the US is extremely important to us." - Andrea Ley, owner of Olla Express Cafe

Each drink available at Olla express uses traditional ingredients from Mexico such as aromatic piloncillo sugar. To further emphasize the importance of culture to the cafe, select drink specials are named after the loved one of the staff who work there.

There are also tasty snacks like pan dulce available in-store that pair very nicely with any beverage- hot or cold!

If you're looking for new coffee shops in San Antonio to try, visit Olla Express Cafe to indulge in delicious coffee drinks with a twist. Also, follow them on their Instagram @ollaexpress and Facebook @ollaexpresscafe.

Address: 2015 NE 410 loop. Located Inside Los Patios
Business hours: Wednesday to Sunday 8 am to 4 pm

Full Menu Selection is available at the Olla express cafe website



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