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Paper Tiger: Home of live music and entertainment, offering a large variety of genres for everyone

A live music experience where you get to see, hear, and feel some of your favorite artists on a personal level—that’s what it’s like when you check out a show at the Paper Tiger.

Paper Tiger is a premiere venue at the forefront of showcasing artists in a setting that allows the audience to absorb all the performer has to offer. After reopening their doors in early 2015 and changing their name from the White Rabbit, to the Paper Tiger, the venue has gained much popularity over the years.

In a single month, the venue will host dozens of music genres performed by artists worldwide. The venue also gives a platform to artists who are up-and-coming and trying to make a name for themselves and artists who are more mainstream and well-known. This not only keeps the music at the venue fresh but also allows for the music to appeal to a wide range of people, being there’s always a different genre of music playing. The venue has been known to play rap, rock, EDM, indie/alternative, R&B, and many other genres.

With a booming music scene, San Antonio has much to offer artists trying to showcase their talents, and the Paper Tiger knows how to do it by giving artists the perfect space to connect with their fan base and audience. The venue, paired with a great sound system, relaxing bar area, multiple stages, and a convenient location just off the North Saint Mary’s Strip, is perfect for a night out listening to live music.

If you feel like enjoying live music in a remarkable atmosphere, hit up to check out any upcoming shows. Who knows, your favorite artists may just be performing there soon!

Location: 2410 N St Mary's St


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