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San Antonio Hibachi Food Truck Turns up the Heat

Enjoy authentic Japanese Hibachi in San Antonio at Pier Hibachi!

SPRING BRANCH - Located at The District on 46, Pier Hibachi isn't your average Japanese hibachi grill in San Antonio, TX- it's a food truck! And while the truck may be small in size, it serves visitors incredibly flavorful Japanese food that is undoubtedly a treat to eat. For Eric Hyatt, chef and owner of Pier Hibachi, Japanese cuisine isn't just a job. It's a way of life. He has been cooking Japanese food in San Antonio for over 25 years and doesn't plan to stop serving fantastic flavors anytime soon. "Pier Hibachi's success is especially important to me," said Hyatt to us in his interview, "I feel like having a Japanese cuisine food truck is something special since it isn't something you see around often here in Texas. I want to make sure I continue to make great food that the people who come by can love and enjoy."