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Relaxation and Entertainment at Sip Wine Garden

At Sip Wine Garden, you'll want to come back for more. With a brunch menu for all and events that will keep guests entertained. Offering wine, craft beer, charcuterie boards, and a Sunday brunch, Jessica Sanchez is thrilled to host an evening of relaxation and unwinding for her guests at Sip Wine Garden.

CIBOLO, TEXAS- Nov. 9, 2022 - Excited to make a move into bringing something unique to Cibolo. Sanchez and her husband have always had a connection and love for wine; that is what brewed the thought to invest in a wine bar. Given the setbacks that many have faced due to COVID-19, Sip Wine Garden was able to open its doors in December 2021. Sanchez knew bringing something this special to Cibolo would be diverse and not like anything else she had seen in her community. Sip Wine Garden can be a great setting for a date night or even for a nice outing to celebrate any special occasion.