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Things To Do Around San Antonio

The summer is heating up—literally and figuratively—and our team at Eat Drink Local Texas is coming up with a variety of fun things to do to match! The pandemic is continuing to sadly lock things down, but your friends at Eat Drink Local Texas are continuing to scour high and low for family activities in San Antonio that can be safely enjoyed during these most unusual times.


Natural Bridge Caverns

Our first activity for you lies north of the city of San Antonio, tucked away in peaceful green farmlands and rolling limestone hills. The Natural Bridge Caverns, a wonderland of glistening white limestone formations tucked beneath the earth, awaits. Tours of the caves cater to all levels of physical fitness, from an easy stroll down a paved, lighted path to an epic 4-hour adventure through the great untamed bowles of the earth. The formations are truly beautiful, with many examples of sparkling white stalactites and stalagmites. If caves aren’t your thing, they also offer aboveground attractions, such as a zipline/rope course with incredible views of the Texan hill country, an absolutely amazing maze, Best yet, they’ve still been open all throughout COVID, so if you’re looking for an escape after a year of quarantine, Natural Bridge caverns might be for you!