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Down to Urth Inclusivity with Fresh Juices and Smoothies

Fueled by love & health, Urth Juice Bar created a cool juice bar where its #1 goal is to provide healthy options to San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Striving for inclusivity for all with almost ten years on the local grind, the Urth Juice Bar located on McCullough Ave is the place to stop by for healthy and fresh juices, smoothies, and acai bowls in San Antonio, TX.

The Urth Juice Bar is best known for its healthy smoothie concoctions, but also for its blend of flavors to feel good and energized. Committing to freshness, this relaxed and inviting establishment cleans and manually cuts locally sourced fruits every day for the best lasting impression to make you feel your best. The co-owner of this popular San Antonio juice bar, Elsa Alonzo, wants nothing more than to bring love and the freshest fruits and ingredients to the city.

“I want to help everybody,” Alonzo said. “I want this to be inclusive for everybody and have a really cool vibe.”

The variety to choose from is outstanding, catering to the health-conscious fit guru or to the individual just looking to treat themselves to a sweet refreshment. May it be an acai bowl, tonic, fresh juice, or smoothie, the possibilities are endless. If you need a boosted recovery from hitting the gym, adding supplements to your blend is the best option to fulfill your gains.

“Whether you are health conscious or not, you can come in here and find something you like,” experienced juicer, Arhely said.

The origins of the Urth Juice Bar came about when Alonzo came back from Los Angeles in search of healthy smoothies in San Antonio that stood out from all the rest. The diversity was slim, and soon after, a vision for more inclusivity and community was born.

A popular acai bowl favorite is the “Cocoa Chanel,” and as the name suggests, the ingredients are just as extravagant as it is made with banana acai, cacao, granola, honey, and chocolate chips.

Take a recommendation straight from the creator herself with the “Hot Lei,” a juice with greenery and spice made with kale, cucumber, apple, ginger, spinach, parsley, and pineapple.

Looking for an energy boost to start your day? Give the ginger shot a try to liven up the good vibes.

The Urth Juice Bar has two locations. An inviting walk-in located in The Yard Shopping Center of Olmos Park and a quick drive-in location on Thousand Oaks. Follow this San Antonio Juicery on Instagram (@urthjuicebar) and Facebook (@urthjuices).



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