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Find Your Very Own Vegan Avenue

A perfect introduction to veganism, Vegan Avenue creator Griselda Munoz emphasizes the importance of taste when it comes to eating healthy by creating the perfect vegan recipes.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - Sept. 13, 2022, Vegan Avenue invites you all to try the tastiest vegan and healthy food in San Antonio! Vegan Avenue was founded with the intention of creating the perfect balance between health and flavorsome tastes.

Griselda Munoz, the creator of Vegan Avenue, emphasizes that you don't have to sacrifice taste for the perfect vegan burger. That is why Vegan Avenue blow people away whenever they get a taste!


Veganism is a typically meat-free diet that holds plenty of health benefits for those interested in venturing into this lifestyle. Griselda, who has been vegan for seven years, decided to look more into veganism due to different diet complications. "I have a lot of food allergies," says Griselda. "It was always a hard time."

Griselda then began to research alternatives to the food she always wanted to eat but couldn't, ultimately leading her to create her very own vegan restaurant in San Antonio. "I discovered what veganism was and wanted to share it with everybody!"

This, along with learning more and more about the immense benefits that come with the vegan lifestyle, prompted the beginning of Vegan Avenue!

With natural and organically sourced ingredients, Griselda shares the importance of eating healthy. There's a lot of misinterpretation when it comes to eating healthy, but Vegan Avenue breaks that expectation by bringing in tastes that are uncanny!

Being vegan doesn't mean sticking to just salads and smoothies. Here in Vegan Avenue, the most savory burgers come with the best health benefits you can ever taste.


Who would have thought a Philly cheesesteak could be vegan? Not only that, but taste this good! Substituted with the tastiest meat alternatives, Vegan Avenue creates perfect renditions of typically meaty recipes that never compromise taste.

From tacos stuffed with delicious tofu and Soyrizo to the most tongue-tingling chicken and waffles you could ever taste, Vegan Avenue allows all to find healthier diet alternatives without sacrificing anything.

Located on 2512 N. Main Ave near Monte Vista, this San Antonio vegan restaurant changes the game! All in the name of sustainable and ecological cuisine, perfect for those who want to try something a little different.

Next time you're looking for vegan and healthy San Antonio restaurants, be sure to visit Vegan Avenue.

When you do, tell them Eat Drink Local Texas sent y'all!

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