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Immerse Yourself In Healthy Vegan Heaven

Griselda Munoz, the creator of Plantology, shares her love for healthy vegan restaurants in San Antonio by creating and sharing her delicious vegan cuisine.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Sept. 12, 2022, Woah! That's vegan? Ain't no way. Unimaginable cuisine made with health in her heart, Griselda Munoz created Plantology in order to showcase the plentiful flavors that a health-conscious and environmentally friendly diet can offer. With two open locations to share their magic, Plantology opens its doors and welcomes you all to enjoy the abundance of gluten-free meat alternatives coupled with tasty and refreshing drinks.


With veganism on the rise, and rightfully so, Plantology drives this uprise by introducing incredibly tasty foods that solely include plant-based ingredients. Veganism isn't new, but what makes Plantology's menu items so unique is their uncanny tastes and mouth-watering flavors.


Introducing a menu that spans from burgers, all the way to tacos, it’s crazy to think what you’re eating is all gluten-free and completely plant-based! Whaaaat!

Not only does Plantology's menu hold delicious vegan burgers and tacos, but also delicious sweet treats as well. Plantology’s heavenly cinnamon roll pancakes are made with soft pancakes, etched with sweet cinnamon swirls, cream ‘cheeze’ frosting, and topped with delicious fresh strawberries. You might even be tempted to try their Nutella stuffed pancakes! All covered in tasty hazelnut spread, how can you resist it? We're no judges! What's even better? When eating at Plantology, you don’t need to worry about a thing! Health is always key here.

If you're looking for a perfect avenue into the vegan lifestyle, this vegan place in San Antonio offers the perfect introduction. As Plantology so deliciously puts it, "you don't need to sacrifice flavor for health." Both of their locations can be found on W Loop 1604 and US-281 in San Antonio. Be sure to visit their socials on Instagram and Facebook!



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