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Velvet Lounge: Drinks and Voices as Smooth as Velvet

Fredericksburg has its very own karaoke bar on the main street of this historical Hill Country German town. Exciting moments are in store, as they're available throughout the week for you and fantastic companions to enjoy singing and sipping on a drink to your top tunes, deep into the night!

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas –March 2, 2023

Glasses and mics were raised high and proud for our team in Fredericksburg as we let loose and gave it our all for the generous and lively people at the Velvet Lounge. The Velvet was founded in 2020 and is going strong as we hit the three-year anniversary of the Covid lockdown. In the modest town of Fredericksburg, Velvet Lounge has become the favorite spot for both locals and tourists to experience a night filled with flowing drinks and lively music. Christine Zimmerman, General Manager and co-owner of Velvet Lounge, ensure that guests can enjoy an unforgettable evening with expertly crafted cocktails and entertaining karaoke at her establishment.