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Fresh Out Press Kitchen

At Press Kitchen, you'll never know what to choose from their menu. With options of press sandwiches, smash burgers, and appetizers. There is freshness in every bite, and Chef Joseph Farner stands by his signature press sandwiches and mouthwatering smash burgers.

AUSTIN, TEXAS- Oct. 7, 2022 - Chef Farner isn't new to the restaurant business, with 20 years of being a diverse chef. Farner wanted to encompass a free more all-around menu from all he has taken in from his years as a chef. His sandwiches are where it all started. The smash burger, especially, has been a home favorite for many, which is where Press Kitchen was cultivated and introduced to Austin, Texas.

There is a diverse menu that serves a lot of Farner's favorites. Press Kitchen makes everything fresh daily, with all orders made with fresh ingredients from their deli to their produce.

The French Dip Press goes through a process that shows the time and greatness put into it, with the prime rib being whole to getting shaved down on the slicer. As well as the Cuban Press with the pork being marinated for 24 hours in an authentic Cuban marinate. There are needs for all on the menu, from vegan to kid options.

"I believe in elevating food to the highest level of flavor," Chef Farner said.

While still running the food truck at its current location at The Far Out Lounge, a kid-friendly spot with a vast outdoor space, live music every day for their guest, and access to an indoor and outdoor bar. The future for Press Kitchen sounds promising, with intentions to expand into a brick-and-mortar as the years come and some added features to its already delicious menu.

There is so much to expect from Press Kitchen now, and in the future, Chef Farner is not afraid to dream up new items to add to his menu. He isn't a stranger to having many years of experience as a chef mixing and collaborating seasonings to incorporate a magical impact on your taste buds.

There are many ways to order your delicious smash burger or press sandwich, with options of delivery through Uber Eats or Order For Pick Up.

Visit this mouthwatering, authentic, and vegan-serving food truck in Austin, TX, located at

The Far Out Lounge, 8504 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745 open seven days a week

Monday - Friday, 4 pm-10 pm; Saturday, 6 pm-10 pm; Sunday, 12 pm- 9 pm.

Follow Press Kitchen on Instagram: @presskitchenatx

Follow Press Kitchen on Facebook: @presskitchenatx



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