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Wine at the Touch of a Button at Thirty Eight & Vine

Wine tasting like you had not experienced it before in no other place than Boerne.

BOERNE, TEXAS- Nov. 3, 2022 - Texas-Wine about it and be about it as your preferred sweet or dry, or sparkling of fermented grapes is dispensed into your glass by the single touch of a button! Thirty-Eight & Vine is the place to be for an international wine-tasting excursion in downtown Boerne. Hailing from pro athlete beginnings in Major League Baseball and bouncing around the nation to settle in Fort Worth, a fun concept was brewing to bring wine tasting to the quaint, German-Texan Hill Country town of Boerne. Owner, Jennifer Demel, is glad to guide you in the direction of your next aromatic, decadent red.

“We are for anyone who is a total novice to wine to someone who is such an aficionado, a collector, or who has a cellar,” Demel said. “You can come in to learn about wine or for a sample.”

This self-serve wine dispensary can fly you to Italy with a Sicilian smokey wine that was harvested on volcanic soil. It is a self-pour by the ounce, starting at 10oz, 30oz, and 60oz. The diversity of wine in regions and

countries goes far and wide for Thiry Eight as they rotate some 40 bottles of wine regularly. If you find one that truly speaks to you, they also sell by the bottle.

Travel back and forth from the Old World to the New World of wine as their menu gives you the opportunity with Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to Spanish Pradorey Elite and much more. Rustic Italian wines, Bordeaux and Burgundy, as well as dessert and sparkling wines, will have your palette on a journey of self-discovery.

Visit Thirty-Eight & Vine at, 302 S Main St, Boerne, TX 78006

Follow Thirty-Eight & Vine on Instagram: @thirtyeightandvine

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