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Candlelight Pourhouse: Brunch with A Side of Wine Under the Porchlight

Gather around the table under the atmospheric lights at this quaint and homey brunch location for a sip of wine tasting and your favorite meal of the day.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS- Nov. 18 2022 - A hearty brunch to munch on will keep you fat and happy during these chilly months and so forth when you visit the Candlelight Pourhouse on the St. Mary’s strip. We were served a generous cup of hot and iced coffee and felt the warm welcome of Chicken N’ Waffles and Huevos Rancheros on the skillet. The wine garden opens up behind the pourhouse and will immerse you in local art, Zen, and a good time for all to lounge with a tall glass of wine. The Pourhouse is an addition to the coffeehouse next door just to add more fun and flare to the downtown San Antonio area. Owner, Tammy Russel, is a true believer in keeping it real and wholesome when it comes to her food, service, and overall experience at the pourhouse.

candlelight pourhouse