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Come Indulge in A Brand New Twist on Japanese Katsu

Self-made entrepreneurs, Jessica and Phillip Gonyea, made their mark as the crunchiest chicken sandwich restaurant in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - Sept. 2, 2022, Krazy Katsu’s take on a Japanese delicacy elevates regular katsu sandwiches to unimaginable new realms. Located on McCullough Ave sits an open patio restaurant with beautiful hanging lights, full-screen TVs, and the smell of carefully articulated fried chicken sandwiches. This welcoming and inviting environment is perfect for friends, family, and all the like to come and enjoy the most perfectly crafted sandwiches, cultivated to perfection.

Born from imagination, fashioned with determination, and shared with enthralled friends and family, Krazy Katsu emerged with the intent to become the best, tastiest, and biggest fried chicken ever known to man.

As chicken sandwich enthusiasts, Jessica and Phillip Gonyea began their journey with the intent of creating the most tempting chicken sandwich our mouths have ever tasted. “Phillip had an idea to make an even better chicken sandwich,” says Jessica. One chicken invention led to another, and soon they found themselves with a whole new list of incredibly unique sandwich flavors.

Krazy Katsu’s popularity within their family and friends soon reached an online audience and quickly became famous around their community. Family, friends, and followers began requesting more of their chicken sandwiches, prompting them to start planning for their very own restaurant. Krazy Katsu made its debut on July 30th, joining the rest of its food friends in The Yard.

What makes Krazy Katsu’s chicken sandwiches different from others is their ventures into various tastes. Every chicken you’ll eat here is carefully put together, topped with organically grown condiments and buns. Their delicious herb-brined fried chicken and scratch-styled Ono bun are what give the saying “quality over quantity” its meaning.

You’ll find this taste in their original katsu sandwich, a perfect introduction to those who never really had Japanese katsu before. This already delicious base is what gives Krazy Katsu’s sandwiches the best foundation for the rest of their mouthwatering flavors. Jessica and Phillip bring in staples from different regions around the world, broadening the realm of their chicken sandwich flavors.

Krazy Katsu’s K-pop sandwich consists of their herb-brined chicken topped with traditional kimchi and savory BBQ-styled Gojuchang sauce, finishing with sliced cucumbers, kewpie mayo, and their iconic Ono bun.

Their El Guapo sandwich, on the other hand, traveling all around to the other side of the world, incorporates a semi-spicy chipotle mayo dressing into their katsu, bringing in a perfect Tex-Mex taste. Adding jalapenos, pico de gallo, and a zesty jalapeno jack cheese to the mix creates this perfect Tex-Mex katsu sandwich that just takes your tastebuds on a magical chicken-loving journey.

Don’t even get us started on the size! Just one chicken sandwich can easily take over two meals of your day, granted you have the self-control to leave leftovers.

If you find yourself looking for the perfect outdoor restaurant in San Antonio for your friends and family, Krazy Katsu and their inviting energy welcome everyone in for a taste of their delicious katsu sandwiches. As Krazy Katsu’s birth parents put so truthfully, “You’ll never leave here hungry.”

Make sure to check them out at 5257 McCullough Ave in San Antonio Texas

Follow their socials (@krazykatsusa) on Instagram and Facebook!



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