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Tastes Just Like Summer, The Hawaiian Burger

Mexican Cowboy Street Kitchen, a local food truck in San Antonio, Texas, has all your favorite Mexican food items and then some. The hardest thing about visiting owner David Martinez at the food truck is deciding what to order!

"The best seller is the street tacos," Martinez said.

With delicious corn tortillas, your choice of mouthwatering meats like a chicken fajita, pastor, and Asada, topped with crunchy onion and fresh cilantro, and sliced limes, it's no wonder these are a customer favorite!

If you're looking for a fresh Summer meal, look no further! Mexican Cowboy Street Kitchen's Hawaiian burger is your new Summer favorite.

"I didn't see anyone on our side of town offering it, so I decided to serve it here," Martinez said. "I wanted to see if it would sell, and it was a hit."

The Hawaiian burger has a juicy beef patty, topped with a sweet pineapple slice and a savory slice of ham. This burger tastes just like summer! Be sure to add an order of Asada fries to make this your new favorite combo.

But Mexican Cowboy Street Kitchen isn't going just to be your new Summer hangout. You'll want to visit in the cooler months when their Fideo Loco is back on the menu!

Mexican Cowboy Street Kitchen has it all! Tacos, quesadillas, birria, burgers and more! Follow them on Instagram to keep up with Martinez and unbelievably good food.

When you stop by this delicious food truck in San Antonio, Mexican Cowboy Street Kitchen, make sure to tell them Eat Drink Local Texas sent y'all!



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