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The Ultimate One-Stop Taco Truck!

Why make two stops when you can make one?

San Antonio - At Taquitos Basi, you get the best of both worlds: unique Mexican snacks and some of the best Mexican food in San Antonio.

Itzel Perez's family had a lot of restaurant experience before starting Taquitos Basi.

"My dad and mom used to work at this restaurant," Perez said. " We used to work altogether, so that's why we started our own business."

Taquitos Basi is the place to go if you're in the mood for a little afternoon snack! Selling mouthwatering mangonadas, flavorful Frito pie, cheesy nachos, and even elotes - you'll have a hard time choosing what to order.

If you're stopping by for a meal, you have so many options: Mini taquitos, hamburgers, burritos, hot dogs, AND ceviche! Taquitos Basi truly has something for everyone.