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The Downtown DIY: Create, Connect and Celebrate Crafting

Get crafty for any occasion at this all-inclusive craft workshop in Boerne.

This cool weather sparks my creative brain, and what better outlet than a fully stocked, all-inclusive, high-end craft shop like The Downtown DIY? Just as the name suggests, you have the freedom to create to your heart's desire, as well as the eager assistance of the team at this workshop. Need centerpieces for your winter-themed wedding? Maybe you're looking to decorate your journal with all the hand lettering and doodle techniques? Possibly a homemade scented car freshener? The Downtown DIY would gladly help you make your artsy and crafty ideas come to life! Take our word for it from The Downtown DIY's social media manager, Macie Matthison, as her shop also offers memberships and guided classes for all your creative needs.

Downtown DIY

"The Downtown DIY was all started with fellowship," Matthison said. "People love to craft, and it brings people together."